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What we do

Our extensive data library, unique data analytics and beautiful reporting is utilised by individuals, investors and real estate professionals to investigate and make informed property related decisions.


Our service offering

Our reporting and unique approach provides property and suburb insights that is not available to real-estate agents and financial institutions.

How we differentiate

“we don’t list properties – we produce reports that contain the best available data on properties and suburbs”

Our data is sourced from 24 independent data providers to ensure the most comprehensive data coverage available in the market, is available to our customers.
Our extensive data library is optimised through advanced data cleansing techniques to ensure that our data is also the most accurate available in market and enabling us to utilise precise historical data to forecast future trends.
Our reports deliver a holistic view of both property and suburb related data, combining easy to read charts, maps and tables to visualise the most comprehensive and accurate data available on the market. Our reporting is also customisable for real-estate professionals, including – logo’s, branding, property descriptions, photos and floor plans – more information.



Whilst many other data providers are predominantly focused on the financial aspect of the real estate market, our holistic approach encompasses a much wider range of data intelligence.

As well as the most accurate financial data available, our reports provide insights into your future neighbourhood with data intelligence on; crime rates, public transport links, local schools, and many other lifestyle aspects all neatly categorised and then summarised to give you a combined overall score of the property.

Our reports provide ALL the information property buyers require in making their investment decision.

Complex Real Estate statistical forecasts based on clean, accurate and integral data depicted in easy to read charts. Separate charts provided for houses and units.
Key demographic data on property suburb; including:
  •   Income
  •   Age
  •   Family Composition
  •   Languages spoken
  •   Religion
  •   Property Ownership
Locate the nearest bus stops and train stations and associated routes. View a map of driving distance and time estimates to Sydney CBD.
A map and address of the local schools in the catchment zone (where available), NAPLAN rankings and driving route and distance from the property.
Latest crime levels are leveraged from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics for the area; which includes a crime forecast for each of the following categories:
  •   Driving Offences
  •   Drugs Related Crime
  •   Property Related Crime
  •   Non-Violent Offences
  •   Violence
  •   Sex Crime
A map of important alerts such as dwelling demolitions, renovations, and liquor license transfers and other key alerts, which may be relevant to local residents.
Key factors, such as safety and local school rankings along with forecast property values are used to calculate a final score, which can then be benchmarked against other property interests.
Investment 90%
Safety 95%
Transport 65%
Schools 85%






We provide real-estate professionals with a FREE service to customise our reports with their logo and branding.

For the ultimate in customisation, our unique reporting approach also enables real-estate professionals to write their own property descriptions, upload their own properties photo’s and floor plans before generating a report.

Please contact us for further information on customising our reports to supplement and support the services your organisation provides to your customers - CONTACT US



Our data is sourced from a large number of government departments and other organisations – However, it is often sourced with data quality and integrity issues.

Our core differentiator in market place is the accuracy and completeness of our data and therefore, to ensure the accuracy of our reports, we perform a multi-staged data cleansing process prior to the migration of this big data into our extensive data repository.

We carefully remove suspicious records; manually check uncommon combinations, clean duplicate records, remove commercial records listed under private sector and perform other cleansing and mapping operations, which cover:

  •   Duplicate Records
  •   Suspicious Values
  •   Missing Values
  •   Misclassifications
  •   Removing Duplicates
  •   Multiple Sources Checks
  •   Data Modelling
  •   Manual Data Verification



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